It’s that time of the day, folks!

Ok, another favorite of mine from is Soccer Balls. If you’d ever had a referee piss the shit out of you (now that sounds weird 😛 ) this game will make you feel at least a little bit better. The goal of this physics-based game is to hit the referee with the ball. There are different levels, with more than 1 football player (they have to work together) and lots of obstacles that you have to avoid, or use in your advantage. It’s not a very complex game, but it’s so fun. Especially if you imagine the thing your hitting is an actual referee 😉

So, give it a try at

See you guys in 10 days. Take care 😀


Return to the motherland

My parents have kindly informed me that at 05:00 tomorrow morning we will be leaving the dusty, suffocating Bucharest behind and heading back to my beautiful, breezy hometown, Constanta ❤ Now, I know what you’re thinking: “you’re 22 yo and still go on vacation with your parents?!”. Yes I do, damn it! Going on vacation with your parents has a lot of perks, like…I don’t have to spend any money that I have stashed away, cause they’ll gladly pay for anything 😀 and, also there’s….hmm, lemme see…well, I also have a lot of friends in Constanta, so it’d basically be like being back in Bucharest, but waaay better: beaches, the cool sea, maybe a fun party, or two. And best of all, something I’ve driven my friends crazy with: SCAPINO! Best Italian food ever. I know these perks have nothing to do with me going with my parents, but do not burst my bubble 😛

Oh, oh, just remembered a perk, a good one too 😀 I get to play tennis with my dad 😀 When I go there by myself I don’t really get to play tennis, except with my boyfriend, but he isn’t there that often…and that’s a whole other story I’ll get into sometime, but not now 😛

Aaaanyway, I think it’s nice to go with your parents on vacation once in a while. It makes them feel good too, like they’re not social outcasts as far as their kid is concerned 😛 It’s a win-win, you know?

The only downside of going to Constanta is: total isolation from the internet. Because we rarely use the apartment we have there, we never bothered getting an internet connection. It would be a waste of money and stuff. And I also don’t have a laptop…YET, so that sucks too 😦 But I can take a 2 week detox 😛 God knows, I’ve gone longer without internet. Plus I can do other stuff, like…read or…nap 😛

So, yeah…that’s my semi-rant for the day…although I’m not really ranting, except for the waking up at 4 am part…and not having a laptop YET, or an internet connection in Constanta! 😀

It’s that time of the day, folks!

It’s “review one of the games on Aditzu’s site” time 😀

Ok, so one of my favorite games on has got to be Egg Defender. The deal is you’re a penguin and you live on a piece of ice. You also have an egg, and you know that penguins have to keep their egg between their legs so it won’t like…freeze and die 😛 So basically, you have to sit on the egg until it hatches. Easy, right? WRONG! You can’t sit on the egg all the time cause you have to go into the water and eat some yummy fish or else, YOU DIE. While you do this some other clumsy penguin could knock your egg over and it could roll into the sea and, like…DIE! So you have to keep it safe from the crazy, clumsy penguins. And there’s that damn penguin-eating polar bear. I cannot tell you the number of times that big lump of white fur ate my penguin 😦 So far I and/or the egg haven’t really made it until the end, to see what the egg will hatch into…maybe you can 😛 You should give it a try.

Oh, I almost forgot. Apparently you can play the game as another type of animal. For example, when you manage to get passed that bitch of a polar bear, you can also start the game as it. Yup, you can be the twisted, family slaughtering polar bear, and you have to eat as many penguins as you can in a couple of minutes. Cool, right?! 😛

But why don’t you go on over to and find out for yourself! 😉

Why I envy rich people

First, I should set one thing straight. When I say I envy rich people it doesn’t mean that I spend half my day crying and pouting over the fact that I am a sad, sad member of the Romanian middle class. No, I spend half of my day planning what I’ll with my money when I will be rich 😛

Anyway, I don’t envy rich people because of the fabulous cars they drive, or the fabulous clothes they wear, or the fabulous parties they attend…ok, maybe a little bit for all of those 😛 But the main reason I envy rich people is because they can afford help. Now, don’t get me wrong…I am a spoiled little girl that hasn’t had to lift one finger for most of my life because mommy did it all for me…and my sis…and my dad…and we must not forget about fat Fluffy…he can be quite messy and, despite the rest of us, can’t really clean up after himself, unless you count him licking his private parts…eww. Anyway, I am a big girl now, and my mom isn’t the robot she used to be, so I am expected to do stuff around the house…like WASH THE FRIGGIN CARPETS. Those bitches are hard to wash. The skin from one of my fingers came off 😐 I kid you not, my friends.

So in times like these, when I’m crouching over a carpet, sweating like a pig on Christmas Eve and getting rug burn (not the good type!) I think to myself “damn those rich people with help have it good!”.

And that concludes my daily rant.

I’m not a blog virgin anymore…

Ok…I admit it. I said I’d never ever start blogging. But, as goes the annoying – yet mostly true – saying….never say never. You’re probably wondering what made me change my pretty little mind. Ok, so you’re probably not and you probably don’t care, but I’m gonna tell you anyway. That is, ultimately, the purpose of a blog, right?! Saying whatever pops up in your head while you’re having breakfast, jogging or what-not, even if no one really gives a flying crap…

So, in the spirit of that, and in a desperate attempt to make my boyfriends’ gaming site popular (don’t forget to visit ), I have decided to put aside my differences with the blogging phenomena and JUST DO IT (no, this is not a subliminal Nike add…Adidas rocks and Nike sucks! I said it, it’s out there!).

So, back on topic. This is my blog. This is where I heal my….wait a sec…no, that’s a Faithless song. Aaaanyway, this is my blog and aside from the shameless propaganda of my boyfriends’ gaming site (yes Adrian Poaca, it’s you I’m talking about!) I will also be writing about some of the stuff I do daily, my likes, my dislikes, baking…you know, stuff that no one gives a flying crap about 😀 But I’m gonna do it anyway, cause it’s my blog and I’ll write if I want to. Damn it, again with the songs…I blame the hour and the caffeine.

Until next time, I bid you all adieu!